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Special Feature “Sea bathing”

Enjoy summer at the vast Oarai Sun Beach!

Sea bathing in Oarai Town! You can enjoy summer at Oarai Sun Beach with its vast sandy shore.

Sea bathing
Sea bathing

About sea bathing in Oarai

Sea bathing in Oarai began in the Meiji period under the name of shiotoji, and Western-style sea bathing was introduced in 1887 as a change from medical care. Sea bathing became popular in the early Edo period as a health practice under Chinese influence, and in the Meiji period, Western medicine changed sea bathing from a medical practice to a leisure activity. Oarai also developed rapidly with the steamship service that began in 1883. A full-fledged beach was established in 1888.

Oarai Sun Beach has a long, sandy shore that is 1.2 kilometers long. The beach is ideal for families since it has shallow waters. With its history rooted in health practices dating back to the Meiji period, Oarai’s practice of sea bathing continues to attract leisure-seekers with its summer sunshine and azure sea. Enjoy the sea bathing culture of Oarai, which has been cultivated through its long history, and a moment on the beautiful shoreline.

Recommended season

Summer and sea opening period [from mid-July to mid-August *We will update once the detailed date and time are decided.]

Latest news

About Oarai Sun Beach

beach seasonFrom mid-July to mid-August
*The beach opening period for 2023 has ended
PublicPublic showers: Free (only during the period when the beach is open)
Public toilets: Free
*The barbecue area is set up only during the beach season. No barbecue is allowed when it is not the beach season.
*Beach houses and other stores will be open only during the beach season.
*Be sure to follow the rules when gathering shellfish.
Rental(Only during the beach season)
Rental boats
Rental parasols


Please use the parking lot next to Oarai Sun Beach.

Parking5,000 spaces (50 spaces for the handicapped)
Parking feeCharged at certain times of the year.Click here for details. > 
*Currently being planned
*See here for alternate routes > 
*Currently being planned

Request to everyone to enjoy sea bathing  

Swimming area

The swimming area is between the red and yellow flags on the beach.
Swimming area flagsSwimming area
Swimming is prohibited around the bank because many people get injured. Watch out! Oarai shore is not for sea bathing! Enjoy playing on the rocky shore.

Swimming area

The color of the flag indicates whether you can swim there that day.

Swimming area

Flags are erected at the tower (T) and center (C) where each lifesaver or lifeguard is stationed.


The following are prohibited on the beach. We ask for your cooperation.

  • Bringing and drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Unauthorized use of small unmanned aircraft (drones, etc.)
  • Jet skis
  • Windsurfing
  • Motorboat
  • Surfing
  • Bodyboards
  • Yachts
  • Camping
  • Buggies
  • Vehicle entry
  • Skim boats
  • Paragliding
  • Hang gliding

Barbecues on the beach are generally prohibited. However, barbecues are allowed in the barbecue area only during the beach season (for free, no reservation required).
*The barbecue area is set up only during the beach season They are prohibited when it is not the beach season. Please do not bring pets (dogs, cats, etc.) for sea bathing.

About rip currents

A rip current is a very fast and powerful tide (mass of water). The bigger the wave, the bigger the rip current. Remember to not panic if you feel a pulling sensation on your legs or if you feel like you are being pulled hard offshore. The rip current diffuses and becomes a gentle current at offshore locations. Rip currents always weaken at some point. If you are not confident in your swimming ability or if you are tired, swim parallel to the shore while floating on the water’s surface without struggling. It will be safe to return to the shore after you escape from the rip current.

If you think you’re in danger

If you are in danger, wave your hands wide!

If you are in danger, wave your hands wide!
(That’s the sign for “Help!”)
A lifesaver or lifeguard will come to your rescue immediately!


The Oarai Surf Life Saving Club works to ensure the safety of the Oarai Sun Beach.
They aim to make Oarai Sun Beach a model beach in Japan for safety and comfort. During the beach season, qualified lifesavers conduct various campaigns to promote accident prevention, with a full patrol system in place. They strive to make the beach a safe and enjoyable place for all visitors.

*About lifesavers > 
*Currently being planned

Universal beach

Oarai Sun Beach is a universal beach where people with disabilities and the elderly can enjoy the sea freely, safely, and comfortably.

*Universal beach webpage > 
*Currently being planned
Universal beach

Accommodation information

We recommend staying at an accommodation in Oarai after sea bathing. Soothe your tired body after a day of fun by soaking in a relaxing hot spring and enjoying some fresh, delicious food. It’s a great way to satisfy both your mind and body.

Click here to book an accommodation


Is there a parking lot available?

There is a parking lot (5,000 spaces) adjacent to Oarai Sun Beach.

Is there a charge for parking?

It is paid on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays from March to October, during Golden Week holidays, and during the beach season (standard sized car / 1,000 yen, medium sized car / 1,300 yen, large sized car / 3,000 yen, two-wheeled vehicle / 400 yen). Collection hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Are there showers available?

Public showers (room temperature) are available only during the beach season.

Are there restrooms available?

Temporary restrooms are set up on the seawall during the beach season. Outside of the beach season, please use the public restrooms located on the road side of the 1st Sun Beach parking lot.

Can we swim at any time?

Lifesavers are stationed only during the beach season. We recommend swimming during the beach season. Also, sea conditions change every minute. Even if swimming is allowed in the morning, it may be closed a few hours later. Please follow the lifesavers’ instructions as they make decisions on site.

Can we have a barbecue?

Barbecue areas are set up on the seawall during the beach season. Barbecues are not allowed when it is not the beach season

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