About Oarai Tourism Association

Our thoughts.

- We want to make Oarai shine together with our customers and local businesses -

The purpose of this service, which offers information on accommodations and places, is to promote the local community through tourism.
For this reason, we return a portion of our revenue to local communities.
We are committed to providing a service that will support your stay in Oarai and contribute to the local businesses.


Organization name
General Incorporated Association Oarai Tourism Association
Osato Akira
Tel: 029-266-0788
E-mail :
Reception hours
301 Umimachi Terrace, Sakuramichi, Oarai Town, Higashiibaraki County, Ibaraki Prefecture, 311-1307
Sales Qualification/License
Travel Business Registration - Class 3 - Ibaraki Prefecture - Ibaraki Prefecture Governor's Registration Regionally-limited Travel Business No. 5
Regular member of the National Association of Travel Agents (General Incorporated Association)
See here for the Directors of the Oarai Tourism Association [PDF] >

Various businesses

Business description
  • Regionally-limited travel business (Ibaraki Prefecture Governor's Registration Regionally-limited Travel Business No. 5): Various types of planned and arranged tours
  • Creation of optional tour products: Planning and organizing optional tours and activities
  • Event planning and management business: Event planning and management
  • Sales planning business: Creation of local brands, development of services and products (souvenirs)
  • Human resource development: Various seminars for local businesses and employees, workshops to improve language skills
  • System construction business: Construction of general web sales systems, system platformization
  • MICE/Inbound business: Accommodation reservation desk, land operator function, excursion support, multilingual support of restaurants in the area
  • Regional marketing business: Creation of new branding and marketing strategies related to tourism promotion, consulting for various businesses
  • Spread of information: Web page production and spread of information, spread of information via social media
  • Hometown tax business: Hometown tax promotion and support business