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Rocky Beach Fun

Playing on the beach in a biotope of marine life nurtured by the rich environment.

The reefs that stretch along the Oarai Coast form a marine biotope where you can encounter various sea creatures such as crabs, starfish, and hermit crabs.Enjoy playing on the rocky beach and experience the richness of the Oarai sea!

About Oarai Rocky Beach Fun

Rocky Beach Fun
Rocky Beach Fun

In Oarai Town, during the warm season from spring to early fall, you can enjoy playing on the rocky beach at the Oarai Coast, which is rich in natural marine resources. The Oarai Coast is a rich natural environment home to many marine organisms, thanks to its nutrient-rich biotope. Enjoy the rocky beach with gratitude and respect for the richness and life of the sea, while following the rules.

Recommended Season

April to October, at low tide.
*Please refer to the [JMA Tide Table] for the hourly tidal height data at low tide.

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About Oarai Coast

The Oarai Coast and Naka River area feature dunes and forests of black pine trees covering the Oarai Plateau, which is 20 to 30 meters above sea level.The Oarai formation, the base of the Oarai Plateau, is a conglomerate bedrock with a maximum depth of 1000 meters formed during the Cenozoic Era. Along the Oarai Coast, the exposed Oarai formation lines the shore as reefs. Today, these reefs are carefully preserved as a cultural asset of Oarai Town, a scenic spot in Oarai.These reefs are supplied with abundan minerals from the Naka River, which originates at the foot of Mt. Nasu, flows through Tochigi and Ibaraki prefectures, and empties into the Pacific Ocean from Oarai. The Naka River basin has been a rich granary since ancient times, and Hitachi Province describes its fertility as “the land of eternal life.”During heavy rain in the Naka River basin, the sea surface near the Oarai Coast takes on a mud-colored hue, providing nutrients for various seaweeds to flourish, forming a biotope-like condition that is favorable for marine life to inhabit.For this reason, seaweed harvesting and diving fisheries have been developed since ancient times. The Oarai Coast is a sea of budding life and abundance, living in harmony with the local community.


How to Have Fun at the Rocky Beach

How to Play

Catching underwater creatures

Boxed glasses (a small transparent tank can be used) are useful for observing the sea. You can catch underwater creatures with a small net.
*Living creatures: Small fish, small shrimp, starfish, etc.

Catching the rock creatures

Rock crabs are timid and will immediately go into hiding.
You can catch them by attaching bait, such as shredded squid, to a string and hanging it in a crevice in a rocky area.
*Living creatures: Sea crabs, purple mussels, sea anemones, etc.

Targeting tide pools

Puddles of water in rocky ditches may contain stranded creatures.
*Sea hare, sea anemones, sea crabs, small fish, small shrimp, etc.


Useful Tools/Clothing for Playing on the Beach

  • Water tank or small bucket for observation
  • Boxed glasses (a small clear aquarium tank will do)
  • A net for catching fish (a small insect net will do)
  • Bait, yarn
  • Clothes/shoes that can get wet
    *Sandals that easily come off are dangerous.
  • Towels and change of clothes
  • First aid kit (Bandages, etc.)
  • Hat to avoid direct sunlight
  • Drinks for hydration
  • Gloves, plastic bags, etc.

Rules and Precautions for Rocky Beach Play

Children playing on the beach alone is dangerous; they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Play during low tide, in good weather, when the waves are calm. It is important to check the weather and tides in advance.
  • Take your trash home. Please refrain from barbecuing on the beach and parking on the street.
  • Be cautious of areas with strong currents, deep water, and potential hazards.
  • If an earthquake occurs, leave the coast immediately and evacuate to higher ground.
  • Be careful on wet rocks and mossy areas, as they are slippery.
  • Take care of nature such as rocks and stones.
  • Do not get too carried away; always check the waves and your surroundings.


Parking1,000 in front of Oarai Coast
About 20 in front of Heitarohama
Parking FeeFree (Prefectural parking lots around the Oarai Coast may be subject to charges during Golden Week and summer season.)
*A fee will be charged during the summer season in 2023.
*Currently under adjustment

Accommodation Information

After clam digging, we recommend staying at a hotel in Oarai.
Why not unwind with a relaxing soak in the hot spring, savor fresh and delicious food, and satisfy your body and soul after a long day of fun?

Click here to book your stay (Oarai CoastArea)  

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