Oarai Park / Oarai Shore

Natural park rich in life in the ancient sea

Scenic park where visitors can enjoy the beautiful and abundant sea nature of the reefs and pine forests of Meisho Oarai. A variety of sea plants thrive here, marine life can be observed on the rocky shore, and from spring to summer, visitors can enjoy playing on the rocky shore.

This is a scenic spot in Oarai, and the beauty of the shore with its reefs and pine forests was sung in the folk song “Isobushi.” This scenic park, where visitors can easily enjoy the simple and rich nature of the sea and become familiar with the water, is designated as both a prefectural urban park and an Oarai prefectural natural park.
Off the coast of Joban, warm and cold currents meet. As a result, a diverse mix of beach plants can be found here, with roundleaf chastetree, memorial rose, sea bindweed, carex kobomugi, beach pea, and other plants thriving in abundance covering the sandy shore. The black pine forest that stretches behind the shore was planted in the Edo period for wind and sand protection, and has been selected as one of the 100 best forest walks in Japan.
The reef is a geosite formed in the Cenozoic period, and the sight of the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean hitting the ancient conglomerate rocks is divine and poetic. It is said that this area has the largest variety of seaweed that thrives on the reefs in Japan, and a seaweed forest extends beneath the surface of the water.
The rocks exposed on the surface of the water during the ebb tide from spring to summer allow visitors to observe a wide variety of sea life and enjoy playing on the rocky shore with a lively spirit.

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