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About Atakana
About Atakana
Long ago, the lagoon (area with brackish water) surrounding Oarai which stretches from the mouth of the Naka River to Lake Hinuma was called "Atakana no Minato." Some theories suggest that the lake was named after its warm, slowly flowing water. (Shimpen Hitachi Kokushi)

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Oarai Town is located in the central region of Ibaraki Prefecture and is divided into four areas.

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It takes about 90 minutes from the center of Tokyo to Oarai by train using the limited express “Hitachi”


Tourist information center adjacent to Oarai Station.
In order for visitors to learn more about the attractions of Oarai Town, we provide tourist information, bicycle and car rental services, and souvenirs.

Umimachi Terrace
Umimachi Terrace
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