Oarai’s Hot Spring Stands

Oarai’s Hot Spring Stands

Precautions (Please read)

This hot spring is a natural hot spring. If you use the hot spring, please follow the information listed below:

  • The water from this hot spring stand contains minerals and will affect machinery such as boilers. Be sure to dilute it with 5 to 10 parts tap water.

  • After use, wash the bathtub and additional piping thoroughly with fresh water.

  • If left untreated, the hot spring components and boiler equipment and piping may corrode. (If any irregularity occurs in the equipment, stop using it immediately.)

  • Do not drink water from the hot springs.

  • Avoid hot baths as much as possible for your body.

  • Observe the precautions listed below when bathing.

Precautions when bathing

This hot spring is a natural hot spring. Before using the hot spring stand, please follow the information below:

Health benefits of bathing

Use of hot spring water can be beneficial to people suffering from the following general conditions:

Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, joint stiffness, bruises, sprains

Chronic gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery period after illness, recovery from fatigue, rehabilitation and improvement of general well-being

Depending on the type of water, hot spring bathing may also be effective for:

Cuts, burns, chronic skin disease, chronic gynecological diseases and to benefit physically weak or sick children.

Precautions when bathing

If you suffer from these symptoms or conditions, please refrain from using the hot springs:

Acute disease (especially fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, acute kidney failure, hemorrhagic disease, severe anemia, other disease in progress, pregnancy (especially early and late)

*When you start hot spring bathing therapy, the number of baths in the first few days should be limited to once per day. After that, you may take hot baths up to 3 times per day.

The necessary period for spa treatment should be approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

It is recommended to seek medical advice from a doctor, or stop bathing and wait unit fully recovered before returning to taking regular hot baths.


In addition to the above, please read the information below.

The bathing time varies depending on the water temperature, but it is recommended to bathe for about 3 to 10 minutes.

While taking a bath, try to stay calm and relax, except when using specialized exercise baths.

After taking a bath, do not wash the hot spring minerals or particulates off of your body with water. (For those who are very sensitive to hot spring minerals, it is better to wipe them off or to wash your body with fresh water after bathing.)

After taking a bath, it is recommended to relax for a certain period of time, taking time for your body to adjust and cool down naturally.

As a general rule, please consider these heath precautions when using high-temperature baths (42 ℃ or higher) especially if you suffer from the heath conditions listed below.

  • Advanced arteriosclerosis

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart disease

Avoid drinking alcohol immediately before and after bathing

  • Fee:40 liters = 10 yen

  • Open for use:8:30 am-5 pm

The quality of the hot spring is sodium-chlorine, and it is a 15-degree hot spring that works well for neuralgia, muscle pain, and fifty shoulders.

* If you use hot spring water for business purposes, you must apply for the use of a hot spring stand.