About Oarai’s beach

Guests can enjoy water sports and relax on the beach. The Oarai beach is one of the biggest beaches in Ibaraki.

Swimming area

Oarai Sun Beach swimming area

Oarai Sun Beach swimming area

Oarai Sun Beach swimming area

This is a well-known beach surrounded by shallow water and covered by a huge sandy shore. In addition to swimming, guests can enjoy water sports such as surfing.

Swimming area opening period From mid-July to mid-August.
The beach is closed for 2023.
  • Free public shower available during the beach’s open season.

  • Free public bathroom.

Barbeque area is available only when the beach is open.

※Prohibited: Drinking alcohol by bringing in alcoholic beverages during the beach’s open season.
※Prohibited: Camping


(During the open season)

  • Rental boat
  • Rental parasol

Gathering shellfish, crabs, etc…

Gathering shellfish, crabs, etc…

His possible to spot sea wildlife (such as small fish and crabs) between the reef rocks.

Season At low tide (from April to October)
Necessary equipment Glass bottles, net, bait, cookware, small water tank, string, etc...


Please wear clothing suitable for water activities.

Please wear protective footwear.

Please pay attention to your environment as some rocky areas are slippery and dangerous to climb.

Please pay attention to the weather conditions: high/low tide.

It is necessary for adults to supervise their children at all times.

We recommend not playing in the ocean at high tide.

Please be aware of your surroundings and the water level.

Shellfish gathering

Shellfish gathering

Let’s enjoy gathering shellfish on the beach!

■In order to protect our shelled animals, the area for gathering is limited to the first sun-beach and second sun-beach (red line on the map; from west breakwater to the Onuki beach breakwater).
■People may be punished under the rules of the Ibaraki Fishermen’s Association if acting in violation of the restrictions on gathering shellfish.

Enjoy gathering the shelled animals that inhabit the beaches in Oarai, but please be mindful of the amounts that you collect in the interests of conservation.

The area that has been designated for gathering shellfish is not to be used for sightseeing.

Remember that shellfish harvesting can impact the environment!

Have fun gathering shellfish on our beaches, but please be mindful of the amount that you collect. In the interest of conservation, there are restrictions on shellfish harvesting.

Time and Season

Shellfish may not be harvested during the following periods:

- One hour before and after low tide (mid-April to end of June.)

- The day of spring tide and the days before and after.

* The times above are rough estimates. During these periods, shells may not be harvested.

Please check [here] for time and tide level.
Place The first and second Oarai Sun Beach.


The southern sides of The first and second beaches are protected areas (no fishing zone). Gathering shellfish is prohibited in this area.

There are restrictions on the area, size and tools used for gathering shellfish.
Width: less than 20 cm, nail length: less than 5 cm, pattern length: less than 50 cm.

Individuals may only gather up to 1 kg of shellfish each.

Please check [here(Japanese)] for more information.

Please wear clothes suitable for wet conditions.

We recommended wearing hats and sunscreen for sun protection.

Main shell

”Hamaguri” (Clam) ”Hamaguri” (Clam)

It is prohibited to gather clams smaller than 3 cm.

”Hokkigai” (Surf clam)”Hokkigai” (Surf clam)

It is prohibited to gather surf clams smaller than 7 cm.

”Kotamagai” (Flat clam)”Kotamagai” (Flat clam)
※At present, collecting mussels smaller than 3 cm is prohibited.

Experience Fishing Together

Experience Fishing Together

Let’s go fishing and get a great catch! You can go fishing at the Oarai Sun Beach from the early morning. Net fishing is an old-fashioned method that uses a boat to spread a large net over the sea, which is then dragged to haul in a large number of fish.

Period From: April to October (please contact us for beach opening periods)
Place Oarai sun beach south side

■Fukumasamaru (Japanese only)
Land-line phone:029-266-3015
Mobile phone:090-2539-7096
Fee :from 80,000 yen

■Daisan Hiromaru (Japanese only)
Land-line phone :029-267-6007
Mobile phone:090-4604-2857
Fee:from 80,000 yen
■Zenseimaru (Japanese only)
Land-line phone:029-266-2328
Mobile phone:090-2733-3201
Fee :(under 100 people)  80,000 yen,
         (over 100 people) 100,000 yen.

*The fee will be adjusted depending on the size of the net.

Other notes As large numbers of people will be needed for beach fishing, only groups can be accepted (more than 30 people).


There are many fishing spots in Oarai. Visitors can find many kinds of fish in the open sea where the “Oyashio” and “Kuroshio” currents meet. Guests can also enjoy fishing in a pond or a river. Guests can catch freshwater fish at the estuary of the Naka River.

Fishing from rocks along the seacoast

Fishing from rocks along the seacoast

Oarai coast is famous for its rocky shores, which benefits our guests who enjoy fishing.

Place:  On the Oarai coast, etc.

For more information, feel free to contact any fishing shop in Oarai.

Boat Fishing

Boat Fishing

The best time to go boat fishing starts around sunrise, at a distance of 2 to 3 km offshore.

Sometimes, guests can catch big fish swimming in the “Kuroshio” current.


Oarai Fishermen’s Association

TEL: 029-266-2165(Japanese only)

Breakwater Fishing

■Oaraikou Uotsurien

  • Oaraiku Uotsurien management office
    TEL:029-266-3776(Japanese only)
  • Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai port office
    TEL:029-267-2700(Japanese only)

※Closed because of earthquake

River fishing

River fishing

Guests can enjoy fishing at Himuma River all throughout the year. The Hinuma River, which connects Lake Himuma and the sea, is a great place for guests to catch both saltwater and freshwater fish.

■Hinuma river (around Onuki bridge) 

■Naka river (around Kaimon bridge)

For more information, feel free to contact any fishing shop in Oarai.

Water Sports

Oarai is a great place to enjoy water sports, such as surfing.

Period All seasons (please use designated areas for surfing during the swimming season.)
Place Southern side of Oarai Sun Beach, below Oarai Aqua World.
Facilities Restrooms, water supply, public showers (available only when the beach is open)

ISU Surfing classic / OARAI CUP Surfing and Body boarding.


Oarai Sun Beach Campsite

Oarai Sun Beach Campsite

Oarai Sun Beach Campsite is surrounded by the sea and natural forest scenery.

Entrance Fee Adults: 300 yen / children: 200 yen
Facility rental fee One car ・ One tent per night
RV / Caravan Parking (with AC power supply): 5,000 yen
Tent site: 3,000 yen
Other facilities Barbeque facilities・shower・rest room
Contact Oarai-machi activity center(Japanese)
029-267-2234(Japanese only)

Oarai Campsite

Oarai Campsite

The Oarai Campsite is a good place to take a walk and relax in a peaceful pine forest. Nearby, there is also a museum which displays collections of artifacts from the Edo and Meiji periods. The Oarai Campsite is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities.

Facility rental fee Adults: 1,300 yen per night
Junior high and high school students: 850 yen per night
Elementary school students and children under 6 years: 600 yen per night


Oarai camp site(Japanese)
(Oarai Museum of Bakumatsu and Meiji History)
029-267-2276(Japanese only)