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Information for Sightseeing (Volunteer Guide)

Sightseeing volunteer guide group photo

A guide who knows Oarai will show you around.

 How to Use


Tourist information is free.

However, you will be responsible for transportation expenses, lunch and entrance fees for each facility.

How to apply

Please apply to the secretariat one week before the expected tour date by postal mail or fax using the “Sightseeing Volunteer Oarai-Honobono-Application Form”.

You can also download the application form from this website. Click the PDF icon below to print the application form and send it by fax.

Sightseeing Volunteer Oarai Application Form [PDF / 34.89KB]

Other information

  • Organizers will not be responsible for any accidents that occur during the tour.
  • Please bring your application form between 9am and 5pm. (Closed on Monday [Tuesday if Monday is a holiday] Closed on year-end)

  • Tours will be conducted on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for 2 or more participants.

    Reception will be closed during the year-end, New Year, and O-Bon Festival periods.

  • Please note that it may not be possible to organize a tour on your desired date due to scheduling or other reasons.

    Please contact the secretariat for details.

Contact / Application

General Oarai Tourism Association "Tourist Volunteer Oarai-Honobono"

Telephone: 029-266-0788 (Japanese only)

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