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Oarai’s Superb Views

Here are some images of Oarai taken during different seasons at various times.

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The first sunrise at Oarai CoastIsohama lighthouse at dawn 1People waiting for the first sunriseThe beginning of the day (Kami Iso no Torii)The sun rising from GodIsohama lighthouse at dawn 2Morning Mist in the Winter (Photo: Tetsuji Ito)A fishing boat floating through the morning mist (Photo: Tetsuji Ito)Yacht raceOarai Isosaki Shrine Main Hall in the snowOarai seen from the seaCar ferry and the full moonAqua World Oarai seen from the seaA lighthouse that can withstand rough wavesSummer at Heitaro BeachOarai Sun Beach SummerOarai Beach SummerTo the fishing ground! (Fishing experience)Shirasu fishing (Fishing experience)Snow at Heitaro BeachFirst drum of the first sunriseOarai fishing port at sunriseOarai Marine Tower in the morningPeople waiting for the first sunrise at Kamiiso no ToriiSummer of Oarai Isosaki ShrineShirasu drying workOarai Kashima Line and countrysideQuiet HinumaOarai Seaside Station in the eveningOarai Isosaki Shrine ZuishinmonOarai Marine TowerThe Kaiou-Maru, which visited Oarai Port Terminal 4View from Oarai Isosaki ShrineEvening view of the ferry and Marine Tower as seen from the fishing portKamiiso no Torii lit by moonlightDancer statue and a ferryFirst Taiko Drum 2Night view of Nipponmaru and Marine TowerIsohama lighthouse floating in the moonlightSunset of Hinuma and Mt. TsukubaClouds and Isohama lighthouseReturn of fishing boatCatching shirasu Quiet fishing portOarai Isosaki Shrine, crowded during Hatsumode(New year’s first shrine visit)A young man challenging the wavesSurfer 1WindsurfingEarth netCatching fishSurfer 2Anko (anglerfish) ceremonial knife 1(Sea) Safety Prayer FestivalThe sea in front of Aqua World OaraiOarai Isosaki Shrine Worship HallSailboat on Oarai coastShijimi fishing on the HInuma RiverKaimon Bridge and FlowersAnko (anglerfish) ceremonial knife 2Isobushi, one of Japan's three most famous folk songsGoing fishingShellfishBustle around Oarai Fishing PortKamiiso no Torii and ferryLife saver on patrolOarai Maritime Fireworks Festival at Oarai Sun BeachKamiiso no Torii and the famous mid-autumn moon Oarai High School Marching Band BLUE-HAWKSCatching rock oystersConvolvulus on Oarai Coast Bottlenose Dolphin (Aqua World Oarai Aquarium)Sunfish (Aqua World Oarai Aquarium)Humboldt penguin (Aqua World Oarai Aquarium)Shark tank (Aqua World Oarai Aquarium)Fishing boat and a flock of seabirdsSeabirds flying over fishing portFerry and a seabirdPalm-sized rock oystersEgret living in HinumaOarai Marine Tower Morning
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